About us

To know more on the historical background and the vision of Cosner Galleries of Montreal.

Cosner Art Gallery historic 

Robert Tremblay, owner of the Cosner Gallery began his career 30 years ago. At the time, the company was specialized in the sale and purchase of Canadian and Quebec antiques. Over time, Mr. Tremblay was able to improve his knowledge in the Canadian visual arts, hence becoming an expert in the field.  For many years, he was chairman and auctioneer of the l’Hôtel des Ventes Universelles, the ancestory company of Cosner Auction. The auctions were first held at the Capitole de Québec and the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, for many years to follow they took place in the ballrooms of the Windsor Hotel in Montreal.

Since 2011 Cosner Auction became the Cosner Art Gallery with the main focus of selling and buying Canadian art. Located in prime locations of downtown Montreal, the gallerie present works by Quebec and Canadian artists from private collections and estates. Giving our clients the chance to see and purchase unique paintings that have long been hidden from the public.

June 2016, Galerie Cosner inaugurated a second gallery in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel Montreal. Respecting the highest standards associated with this monument, this art gallery offers a remarkable selection of artworks by Canadian masters.

Our mission and vision

Our desire is to inform, guide and create a bond of trust between collectors and galleries. The management of a collection of paintings can be hazardous, that is why our team is present both for the acquisition of works of art, the evaluation and an accompaniment when it is time to dispose of them.

Our role is to help the customer find the right work of art whether it is a first acquisition or to complete a collection without the pressure that another client is bidding. It is thus assured to find a high quality of paintings available. A gallery's commitment to its client is to help them make an informed choice. The collection thus built over time is in the image of the customer and can thus have an aesthetic, historical and complementary sense.

Our Team

Cosner gallery's team of experts will assist you in the sales, purchases or evaluations of artwork. Whether you are a leading collector or a client looking to purchase art, the team members will be more than happy to guide you.

Robert Tremblay

Robert Tremblay

Owner, President and Assessor

Founder of the Galleries Cosner, with more than 30 years experience in Canadian Art. Mr. Tremblay is the consultant in appraisals and acquisition for the galleries. His field of expertise is vast and include Canadian art, collectibles, decorative art and antiques. What makes him, the reference in the regulation of estate and evaluation of personal and corporate collection.

Sophie Ouellet

Sophie Ouellet

Gallery Director and Evaluator

A specialist in Canadian art and with nearly 10 years of experience in the Cosner Gallery, Ms. Ouellet is the director of the two art galleries. She oversees all purchasing, sales and evaluation activities of personal and corporate collection. She assists collectors in the acquisition or resale of paintings.



Valérie Boisvenue

Valérie Boisvenue

Operations coordinator

Valérie holds a master's degree in art history and follows closely the evolutions of the Canadian art market to guide collectors in their new acquisitions. She supports the team in the evaluation, acquisition and cataloging of the collection, as well as the logistics and marketing aspects of the company.

Laurence Perron

Laurence Perron

Art Purchasing Advisor

Laurence supports the management team in the acquisition of paintings and manage the social networks of the company. Her personalized customer service offers to every collector a first-class experience. Passionate about René Richard, she is currently completing her master's degree at the Université de Montréal.

The Art Galleries

The Cosner Art galleries offer a wide selection of important canadian art. Visit us at our gallery on Maisonneuve O. or at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Montreal.

Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

Specialists in the purchase, sale and apparaisal of Canadian paintings. The gallery offers a wide range of works by painters such as Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Jean-Paul Riopelle and other Canadian and Quebec artists. Our team is available to purchase paintings from collection and estate.

Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal

An exceptional exhibition space for paintings by renowned Canadian artists, located on Sherbrooke Street West in the heart of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Works of art by Marc-Aurèle Fortin, alongside paintings by A.Y. Jackson and Jean-Paul Riopelle. The Cosner Gallery is the place of choice for the sale, purchase and evaluation of paintings.

Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal