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John Lyman

John Lyman is a Canadian landscape painter born in Maine, USA in 1886. He studied at the Julian Academy in Paris and met James Wilson Morrice and Henri Matisse. The influence of these two artists was decisive for the career of John Lyman. Having lived in Europe for several years, John Lyman returned to Canada in 1931. His mission was to improve artistic conditions in Canada. From 1936 to 1940, Lyman wrote artistic chronicles in The Montrealer. His chronicles were reflections of Canadian art while promoting international artistic trends. For a brief moment, he founded the Atelier, to counter the mentality of the time that foreign art could corrupt Canadian art.

He founded the Société d'art Moderne de Montréal in 1939 with Paul-Emile Borduas to raise public awareness of modern art.

He died at the age of 80 in Barbados in 1967.

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