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René Richard, Canadian painter of Swiss origin, born in 1895. At the age of 11, René Richard's family moved to Western Canada in Cold Lake , Alberta. The call to nomadic life comes early in the life of the young Richard who then began the hard job of trapper. After several trips to the northwest of the country, he returned to Edmonton in 1926 where he began his first drawing classes. He then decided to leave for France to pursue a training at the Académie de la Grande-Chaumière in Paris.

It is in the city of light that the painter meets Clarence Gagnon who takes him under his wing and completes his artistic education by urging him to visit museums and paint in the streets and French countryside. The painter returned to Canada in 1930 and returned to his nomadic life. The production of drawings on paper is very abundant during this period of his life so much that he decides a few years later to concentrate only on his works. In 1938, he accepted the invitation of his friend Clarence Gagnon and joined him in Montreal.

During the same year, René Richard helped Clarence Gagnon to catalog the works of the late Horatio Walker painter on the island of Orleans. He meets the Cimon family who, like Clarence Gagnon, welcome René Richard in Summer time,  where he could paint and helped the family in various works. The year 1943 is marked by the first exhibitions of the painter in Montreal at the Galerie l'Art Français and then the Walter Klinkhoff Gallery. Now established and known, René Richard is invited by the government to make exploratory missions as a consultant in the Far North. From 1948 to 1951, the painter then accomplished great works of Nordic landscapes. He then devoted himself to landscapes in the Charlevoix region.

Rene Richard was a close friend of the Canadian author Gabrielle Roy which he was the inspiration of one of his books, the Secret Mountain. Another remarkable friendship in the life of the painter Richard will be with the writer Félix-Antoine Savard author of the famous novel Menaud master-draveur

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