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Anna Noeh is born in 1926, in Hungary. She studied drawing, painting and techniques of mosaic and mural painting at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest from 1952-56.  Then, she received a scholarship from the Rockefeller foundation that allowed her to study at the Fine Art Academy of Vienna.
Noeh moved to Montréal in 1957. She was attracted by the arctic regions and the traditional lifestyle of the Inuits. She went to the northern regions of Québec eleven times since 1970.
She is known for having used the Batik paint technique, which is an encaustic technique, to create mural works with Hungarian folklore themes. She introduced the subject to the Artisans Guild of Canada in 1967 at the Montréal World Fair. She is best known for her scenes of Inuit daily life in the Canadian Arctic. Noeh also used oil paint and her paintings were acknowledged for their luminosity and transparency.  Afterwards, she started using acrylic, a medium that she adopted rapidly. Her style can be recognized because of her short disciplined brushstrokes. Noeh also works with acrylic enhanced with coloured pencils. In addition, she skillfully works with graphite, silkscreen, photolithography and watercolour.

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