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The Canadian painter,Marc-Aurèle Fortin was born on 14 March 1888 and died in the greatest destitution March 2, 1970 on the eve of his 82nd birthday.

He was always ahead of his schoolwork and artistic introduction at the École du Plateau with Ludger Larose. Following his professor's recommendation he enrolled in night school at the Monument National. There he was mentored by Alfred Laliberté, Joseph Franchère, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor Côté and one of his favourite professors Edmond Dyonnet.

At 19, his father Thomas Fortin, lawyer and judge of the Superior Court disapproved of the artistic path his son was pursuing. As a result, he discontinued supporting his son and sent a message to Edmonton with his brother, in which Fortin was forced to make his living working at Canada post.

In 1918, he began a series of watercolors that evolved to the subject of trees in 1920. His subject then evolves to the elms and the humble abodes. By 1928 he had perfected his watercolos to a pure and exceptional quality. In 1936 he designed a technique of painting on black money to '' intensify the relationship between light and shadow '' at the same time, he began to paint on grey backgrounds to describe the warm atmosphere of Quebec skies. In 1940 he had signed an exclusive contract with the Galerie L'ArtFrançais (until 1955). In 1950, the artist discovered casein. His brush paintings had great power until 1955, which was the end of his prolific career destroyed by the disease. He entrusted his manager with almost two thousand paintings, however, many were thrown out. In 1959, he resumed painting, but was no longer viewed as the great Fortin. He continued drawing in pain and struggle, he focused his subject on drawing landscapes from memory using felt pen until 1967

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