Feuilles IV

Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923 - 2002)

Feuilles IV, 1967

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium


  • Time

    Post-War art

  • Dimensions

    75 cm x 105 cm / 29,5" x 41,3"

  • Signed

    Signed lower right

In 1964, Adrien Maeght created the ARTE printing press located on rue Daguerre in Paris. Since 1966, Jean-Paul Riopelle works closely with the technicians of this printing press and constantly pushes the limits of this printing technique. According to the art historian Michèle Grandbois, Riopelle's artistic approach, particularly with regard to the technique of printmaking, gives it a very special originality: "His approach to print testifies to the invention, the audacity and excessiveness that will make him transgress, if not ignore the traditional rules of the '' beautiful craft ''.

It is in 1967 that Riopelle realized the series Leaf, one of the great series of his corpus of prints. From Paris, the artist asked to be delivered leaves of Canada during the stages of the realization of lithographs. It is with this suite that the artist expresses, through seven original lithographs in color, its relationship to the Canadian space. The historian Gilles Daigneault, in the catalog raisonné of Riopelle's prints, develops about this series: "The artist has often said that he finds his feeling of space not in the great Canadian forests but in a single a leaf of trees which, if one knows how to observe it at the right distance, contains all the forest "2.

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Imprimerie ARTE Adrien Maeght, Publisher Maeght Paris.

Original lithograph in color on Lana paper by Canadian artist Jean-Paul Riopelle. Catalogue raisonnée of etchings of Jean-Paul Riopelle, # 1967.08EST.LI . page 146


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