Old Canadian Woman

Marc-Aurèle De Foy Suzor-Coté (1869 - 1937)

Old Canadian Woman , c.1920

  • Gallery

    Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal

  • Medium

    Oil on panel

  • Time

    Fine Canadian Art

  • Dimensions

    26,7 cm x 21,6 cm / 10,5'' x 8,5''

  • Signed

    Signed lower left , signed and dated 1920 on verso

Portrait of Marc-Aurèle old lady of Foy Suzor-Coté. Inscription on the back: Tribute to the Honorable Aram J Pothier, Montreal, Oct. 2, 1920.

Aram J Pothier was a French-Canadian born in the Yamachiche area. He was the first Canadian to serve as the US Republican governor in Rhodes Island from 1909 to 1925. He was dedicated to the cause of the French-Canadian diaspora in the United States

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