Montreal, from St.Helens Island

MARC-AURÈLE FORTIN (1888 - 1970)

Montreal, from St.Helens Island, c. 1922

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium


  • Time

    20th century

  • Dimensions

    33 cm x 50,8 cm / 13’’ x 20''

  • Signed

    lower left

"A navy merchandising is approached, while a sailboat shows itself discreetly (...). Two fishermen are seated on the shore of the island, indifferent to the deep metamorphosis occurring in the metropolis in front of them, in an unprecedented industrial growth crisis" (Guy Robert, 1976, p.164). City scene and of Port of Montreal in summer by Marc- Aurele Fortin.

Catalogue raisonné: # A-0271. Sponge technique watercolour.

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