Le chemin de la descente des femmes

STANLEY COSGROVE (1911 - 2002)

Le chemin de la descente des femmes , 1939

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Oil on panel

  • Dimensions

    22,8 cm x 25,4 cm / 9" x 10"

  • Signed

    lower right

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Work published in the book: Cosgrove, by Jacques de Roussan, page 82.

"The horizon line is no longer determined by the division between heaven and earth, but rather by an undulating line that represents the road, but the scene becomes more personal by the low-angle view of this landscape of Sainte- Rose-du-Nord along the Saguenay In the range of colors used here, Cosgrove uses a dominant set of greens and ochres that integrate into the distribution of volumes with more poetry than rationalization. " Jacques de Roussan.

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