Artworks appraisal

Canadian artworks appraisals services for resale, insurances or probate

Artworks appraisal

Meet our experts to appraise your Canadian Fine Art collection.

This service is available for a single painting or for a large collection.  Whether the evaluation is for inheritance, insurance or eventual resale, our team of specialists will make a comprehensive assessment of paintings and art objects.

After the first visit or conversation, the gallery evaluators will give you the cost of the service.  The next step will be for the team to take the photos and inventory on site.  Once the analytical work is completed at our art galleries, the evaluation certificates are issued for each painting in forms of paper as well as a digital copy.  We have been trusted by collectors, heirs and several social Quebec headquarters to do the complex work of inventory, cataloging and evaluations of their art collections.

Our areas of expertise are beyond that of artwork assessment, our appraisers are able to estimate paintings, sculptures and antiques.

Please provides us details such as the number of paintings and or art objects, their location and the reason for the evaluation.  The appraisers will personalized their evaluation services to your fulfil your needs.  Note that we are available to evaluate artwork all over Quebec.  Contact us for more information via phone, via email at or via the information request below.

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