Bernard Buffet

French artist, Beaux-arts Academy

Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet is a French expressionist painter born in Paris in July 1928. He began to paint at the age of 10. He was expelled from his high school in 1939 and in 1942 began evening drawing classes with Mr. Darbefeuille.

At the age of 15, he won the entrance examination for the National School of Fine Arts. At that time, he spent 2 years in the studio of the painter Eugène Narbonne.

In 1945, the young prodigy worked alone in the maid's room of the family apartment. The following year, he exhibited his first painting representing a self-portrait at the Salon des less than thirty years old at the Galerie des beaux-arts. In 1947, he exhibited L'Homme accoudé at the Salon des Indépendants, then in December of the same year his first individual exhibition was organised.

During this first exhibition, the young painter made his first sale for the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris thanks to the work still life with chicken. In April 1948, the young artist presented Le Buveur for the competition for the prize for young painting and was noticed by Doctor Maurice Girardin. This contemporary art collector became a patron and acquired 17 of his paintings between 1948 and 1953.

In 1974, Bernard Buffet was elected to the Academy of Fine Arts. A prolific artist, Buffet produced many works in oil, mixed media and sculptures. His favorite subjects are portraits of clowns or matadors, still lifes or later landscapes of Paris.

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