Rodolphe Duguay

Canadian, Ordre of Canada

Rodolphe Duguay

Rodolphe Duguay was born in Nicolet, Quebec, in April 1891. As a painter, draftsman, engraver and illustrator, he began his studies at the Brothers of the Christian Schools. In 1911, he moves to Montreal and starts his courses at the Council of Arts and Manufactures which is now as National Monument. He also attended the Association of Montreal. He exercised his talents with Georges Delfosse at his studio. It was in 1918 that Rodolphe Duguay met the painter Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, he remained with the painter until his departure for Europe in 1920. During this period, he executed 40 works signed Suzor-Coté. He left for Europe in the company of the painter Narcisse Poirier. He started art classe at Julian Academy.

He stayed almost 7 years in Europe and visited fifteen different cities. On his return to Canada, his father built his studio under the model of his Parisian studio. In 1935, he exhibited an exhibition of engraved wood. In 1973, just before his death, he received the Order of Canada.


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