Franklin Carmichael

Franklin Carmichael

Franklin Carmichael was born in May 1890 in Canada. At the age of 20, he moved to Toronto to study at the Ontario College of Art. He began his career in 1911, working as a graphic designer for an advertising agency, Grip Ltd. There he meets Tom Thomson, who becomes one of his great friends. With him, he participates in a group where other amateur painters train to become artists. Small trips are sometimes organized, to go to paint outside. Desiring to perfect his skills, he embarked in 1913 for Belgium, finally remaining there that very little because the war forces him to a premature return. Back in Ontario in 1914, he shared a painter's studio with his friend Tom Thomson.

In 1925, Carmichael founded the Ontario Society of Painters in Watercolor, himself well-known for his watercolors. He also founded another group in 1933, the Canadian Group of Painters, in which some members of the Group of 7 will join. Having worked as a graphic artist for many years in the commercial field, he changed his vocation from 1932 to 1945, becoming a teacher at the school where he himself studied at the Ontario College of Art.

Carmichael died in Toronto in 1945 and was buried in Orillia, his hometown.

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