Rolland Rocher Antraigues 20 inscription on the back.

Work exhibited in Montreal in 1923, n. 105 or 107

Exhibition of paintings ... Montreal, 1979, n. 27 or 29

Private collection

Corporate collection Imasco Limitée, Montreal

Published in the book Adrien Hébert written by Pierre L'Allier, Edition Musée du Québec, pages 32 and 115

The painter Adrien Hébert stayed regularly in France throughout his life. He will be there at the very beginning of the 1920s. It was at this time that the painter's works recall those of the French painter Paul Cézanne. Several portraits and landscapes of the Ardèche were produced during this period and were then exhibited at the Saint-Sulpice library in 1924 and at the Salon du Printemps in 1924.

Landscapes such as Antraigues-sur-Volane, 1922 present cold and bluish colors, known as landscapes with a "Cesanian treatment" 1

The painting titled Antraigues-sur-Volane is described as follows by the curator of modern art, Mr. Pierre L'Allier: “The blue-greens used by the artist seem to emerge from the course of the river which flows quietly in the foreground. -plan. […] This canvas is also composed by superimposed registers, leaving even less room for the sky which is placed there only to serve as a scale for the landscape. "2

At that time, the modernity of paintings was read not by the subjects, but rather by the line, the sobriety and the purity of the subject. At the time, the art critic of the press Albert Laberge, described Adrien Hébert's work as follows: Hébert captures the essential, his workmanship is "broad", "solid" his robust talent.3 art in Canada in the early 1920s has still not been confronted with the great avant-garde movements such as cubism or even abstraction. Modernity will then be debated by the industrial subjects employed by Hébert from the years 1924.

1.: Citation de Paul Dumas, dans le livre de Pierre L’Allier, Adrien Hébert, Musée du Québec, page 90.

2.: L'ALLIER, Pierre, Adrien Hébert, Musée du Québec, page 115

3.: Citation de Albert Leberge, dans le livre de Pierre L’Allier, Adrien Hébert, Musée du Québec, page 90.

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Adrien Hébert (1890 - 1967)

Antraigues-sur-Volane, c. 1922

  • Gallery

    Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal

  • Medium

    Oil on canvas

  • Time

    Fine Canadian Art

  • Dimensions

    Artwork dimensions: 60,9 x 48,2 cm / 24'' x 19''

  • Signed

    Signed lower right

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