Fernand Leduc

Candian, Automatist, Non-Figurative Artists' Association of Montréal

Fernand Leduc

Fernand Leduc, born in Montreal in 1916, was a Canadian artist who began his art studies at the École des beaux-arts in Montreal. He associated with Paul-Emile Borduas in 1941 and became a part of Automatiste movement, which included artists such as Jean Paul Riopelle, Paul-Émile Borduas, and Françoise Sullivan. In 1948, Leduc signed the Refus Global.

During the mid-1940s, Leduc met André Breton and joined him in Paris in 1947. He returned to Montreal in 1956 and, along with Pierre Gauvreau, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jean-Paul Mousseau, and Francoise Sullivan, founded the Montreal Association of Non-figurative Artists. In the 1950s, Fernand Leduc spent his life in France and Italy, and it was much later that he returned to Canada. He received the Paul-Emile Borduas Award, the highest distinction for an artist in Quebec, and in 2007, he received the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Fernand Leduc has been a significant figure in abstract art in Quebec since the 1950s.

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