Claude Tousignant

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Claude Tousignant

Claude Tousignant is a Canadian contemporary artist born on December 23, 1932 in Montreal, Quebec. He is recognized as one of the major figures of abstract art in Canada.

Tousignant studied at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal, where he was exposed to various forms of art, including surrealism and abstraction. He began his artistic career in the 1950s, exploring various mediums and styles before devoting himself to geometric abstraction.

Tousignant’s work is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and bright colours. He has created minimalist abstract works, often composed of circular shapes or colored bands, playing with visual perception and the interaction between color and space.

Tousignant’s art is influenced by the Op art (optical art) movement, which explores optical illusions and visual effects. His works invite the viewer to an immersive experience, using techniques such as repetition, gradation and superposition of shapes and colors.

Throughout his career, Tousignant exhibited his work both in Canada and internationally. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has also made solo exhibitions in renowned galleries. His work has received critical acclaim and numerous awards and distinctions.

In addition to his artistic work, Claude Tousignant was also involved in teaching art. He was a professor at the Montreal School of Fine Arts for many years, influencing several generations of artists.

Claude Tousignant’s work continues to have a significant impact on the Canadian and international art scene. His abstract paintings play with the notions of perception and color, offering the viewer a unique and captivating visual experience.

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