Claude Tousignant

Canadian, Non-Figurative Artists' Association of Montréal

Claude Tousignant

Born in Montreal in 1932, Claude Tousignant is a Canadian painter known for his abstract, geometric and refined works. He enrolled at the age of 16 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal. While the Plasticists signed their manifesto in 1955, Tousignant presented in 1956 one of his first exhibitions, a series of nine hard-edge paintings, openly inspired by Mondrian. He is invested in a profound research on the form, the colors, he adds the chromatic experiments.

His first series of works in circular format were created in the sixties and bear the name of Transformers chromatic. They will be followed by the series of Gongs in the mid-sixties. In the early 1980s, without abandoning abstract art, he began to paint monochromes.

In 1965, he represented Canada at the Biennale de Sao Paulo.
The National Gallery of Canada devotes a retrospective to his career (1973) and will receive the Paul-Émile-Borduas Award, the most prestigious award granted by the Government of Quebec.

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