Anne Savage

R.C.A., Canadian Group of Painters, Canadian Artist

Anne Savage

Born July 27, 1896, Anne Savage grew up in Dorval, a rural area at the time. The summers of his youth were marked by long vacations spent in the Laurentian. The young Savage therefore discovers a real passion for nature and its beauty. When she began her high school training at Montreal High School for Girls, she discovered her passion for painting. From 1904 to 1914, she attended several drawing classes at this institution before enrolling at the Art Association of Montreal. During this training, she meets with teachers and great painters, William Brymner and Maurice Cullen.

In 1919, at the same institution, she admired the works of Tom Thomson, and she felt a closeness between her works and those of the Group of Seven. The following year, she contributed to the formation of the Beaver Hall group and then, she meets Alexander Young Jackson, a painter with whom she will maintain a great friendship all her life. Following a trip to British Columbia, Savage began her career as an art teacher at Baron Byng High School and then at McGill University. This career, which spans nearly twenty-eight years, allowed her to be noticed by major painters in Montreal, including Arthur Lismer.

Single, Anne Savage devotes herself entirely to her teaching. A large part of her artistic production takes place during the summer holidays where, moreover, she paints on the motif. Always under the influence of the Group of Seven, she particularly likes the landscape subjects, to which she adds saturated colours and a very personal lyricism.

She died in Pierrefond on March 25, 1971.

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