Yvette Boulanger

Canadian painter

Yvette Boulanger

Born in 1932, in Danville, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Yvette Boulanger studied with François Déziel and Harold Boyes. She took drawing classes at the École d'art de Mont-Royal and advertising art classes at the Académie des arts de Montréal.

A true lover of nature, she tries to represent in her paintings the emotion she feels deeply. She particularly liked to travel the small roads of Quebec where she is in search of beautiful landscapes or old houses to paint that remind her of the courage and hard work of her ancestors. Always on the lookout, she captures on the spot moments of happiness that she loves to share.

Since her beginnings, Yvette Boulanger has exhibited extensively in Quebec and Canada. His works occupy a place of choice in many private and public collections in Quebec, Canada and abroad. Since 2016, it has been part of the collection of the Marius Barbeau Museum in Beauce.

Source: Book by Yvette Boulanger, The landscape in all its states, Hélène Massé, 2013.

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