Jacques Hurtubise

Canadian artist, Paul-Emile Borduas Award

Jacques Hurtubise

Canadian artist Jacques Hurtubise was born in Montreal in 1939. A graduate of the Montreal School of Fine Arts in 1960 and a recipient of the Max Beckman Scholarship, allowed him to continue his studies in New York. He discovered abstract expressionism in the 1960s, greatly inspired by New York artists. However, around 1964-64, Jacques Hurtubise says he is influenced mainly by the Plasticians. He represents Canada with Jack Bush at the Sao Paulo Biennial. Back in Montreal, Jacques Hurtubise works with the artists of the movement of the Plasticiens (constituted among others by Fernand Toupin).

In the 60s, Hurtubise began to introduce "splash" on a hard-edge surface.The shapes were first drawn and then cut to be filled with colors by the artist. Hurtubise's work is characterized in these years to geometric shapes and so-called splash all in flat. To avoid wasting by a splash effect missed on a background of several colors, Hurtubise decided to control the stain on a paper he uses then, as a stencil, he reproduced this task in a repetitive way that forms an optic.The most important thing about Hurtubise is that these works have a relation between background and splashes.

The works of the 70s, as for them were created with fluorescent paint. Which led him to the period "blackouts" Then, in the mid-seventies, Hurtubise realizes his paintings with drippings (droplets) organized.

He received the Victor-Martyn-Lynch-Staunton Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts in 1993 and the Paul-Émile-Borduas Award in 2000. His work is exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Musée du Québec and the Musée d contemporary art of Montreal. Hurtubise's work has also been exhibited in several major cities, including Paris, London and Sao Paulo.

Jacques Hurtubise dies in Nova Scotia in 2014.

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