Jean-Paul Jérôme

Canadian, Founding member of the "Plasticiens" A.R.C

Jean-Paul Jérôme

The artist Jean-Paul Jérôme was born in Montreal in 1928. During his youth, he was recognized as having a certain aptitude for drawing. It is therefore natural that he enters the School of Fine Arts in Montreal at the age of eighteen. For the next seven years, he developed his talents as a painter, but also as a fresco artist under the tutelage of Stanley Cosgrove. While he begins by painting figurative scenes, Jerome abandons the conventional for abstraction. Admirer of cubists, he directs his work and his research on geometry and forms since 1953. In his quest for "absolute plastic control", Jerome co-signed, with three of his painter friends (Jauran, Louis Belzile and Fernand Toupin), the Manifesto of the Plasticiens in 1955. Through this manifesto, these Plasticians express their perception of painting. It is necessary to work the forms, the color, the textures, the line, but also their relations, to finally arrive at "perfect forms in a perfect order".

Continuing his research, he left Canada in 1956 for two years in France. Upon his return, he taught visual arts at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal until 1973, when he set up a large studio in the family home. In 1978, he received honors from the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Jean-Paul Jérôme died in August 2004 at the age of 76.

Manifeste des Plasticiens

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