Lise Gervais

Canadian artist, Quebec Modern Group

Lise Gervais

The canadian painter, Lise Gervais was born in Saint-Césaire, Rouville County, Quebec in 1933, she died on April 30, 1998 in Montreal.
She studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal, under the mentorship of Stanley Cosgrove and She was taught drawing by Jacques Tonnancour, John Smith, Gabriel Marcotte and Suzanne Duquet. Her sculptor professor was Archambault. Lise Gervais has been successful for over 30 years, she was praised by critics for both the dazzling and sensual energy that is exerted from her paintings.
Unfortunately, Gervais suffered from mental illness which slowly destroyed her creative impulses. As time passed she began plunging with frequent periods of depression, and whe she was in her mid-80s she was diagnosed with a very rare disease, scleroderma. Despite all the setbacks in her life, one must consider her work as a miracle.

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