Tom Thomson


Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson was born in Ontario in 1877 and died accidentally in 1917. Beginning in 1905 after a stay in the United States, Tom Thompson worked as a painter in Toronto. In 1906, he began to work with oil painting. He is hired by the design firm Grip Ltd., where many of the future members of the Group of Seven are working with whom he is making friends. He soon shared a workshop at the Studio Building with A. Y. Jackson and Franklin Carmichael.

His first trip to the Algonquin Park dates back to 1912 when he met his patron Dr. Kames McCallum. The first exhibition took place in 1916 at the Ontario Society of Artist (OSA) where he became a member in 1914.

His work reflects the combined influences of Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts movement and postimpressionism.

He died in the Algonquin Park in a canoe accident.

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