Montréal vu du Mont- Royal en 1829

Adam Sheriff-Scott moved to Montreal in 1915. He served the Canadian army during the First World War. On his return to Canada, he became a member of the Beaver Hall Group when it was premiered in 1920 alongside artists Robert Pilot, Edwin Holgate, Nora Collyer, Emily Coonan, Prudence Heward, Mabel Lockerby, Mabel May, Kathleen Morris, Lilias Torrance Newton, Sarah Robertson, Anne Savage, Ethel Seath, Randolph Hewton.

The group will be active over a two-year period. While the group of seven painted the natural lands of Canada, the members of Beaver Hall focused on urban life and its inhabitants. Their modern and colorful style also stands out for the time.

This representation of the view of Montreal predates the 20th century. Adams Sherriff Scott creates this imposing work alongside his assistant R. Trujilio. It is part of a series of 9 other equally impressive Montreal masterworks, which are also available at the Cosner Gallery.

This achievement was commissioned in the 1960s by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. 

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Adam Sherriff-Scott (1887 - 1980)

Montréal vu du Mont- Royal en 1829, c. 1960

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Oil on canvas

  • Time

    Canadian landscape painter

  • Dimensions

    213 x 174 cm | 84'' x 68,5''

  • Dimensions with frame

    216 x 176,5 cm | 85 x 69,5''

  • Signed

    Signed and cosigned by R. Trujillo Asst lower right

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