Book "Canada"

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Book drawn to 225 copies. Original lithographs by Jean-Paul Lemieux on Arches paper, signed and numbered by the artist's hand on the twelve images. The box was entirely handmade. Copy signed by Jean-Paul Lemieux, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Pierre Breton.

Copy No. 5.


'Like other creators, he was not without anguish. But she was not inspired by the desire to please, or the fear of criticism. It came from within. Because creation is always a risk. Also, a true artist does not measure himself against others, he measures himself against himself, he measures his ability to tame forms, to tame colors, to reach the beautiful ideal that his sense of the wonderful makes him glimpse."



''Canada-Canada is a form of reconciliation of the twelve geographical parts of the country that Lemieux portrays in turn. When I made these paintings, it occurred to me that it was my way of seeing Canada today as a country reconciled with itself," Jean Paul Lemieux told me. To see in Canada-Canada a celebration of Confederation or to see a political message would, I think, be wrong. This book was developed after the original paintings were the subject of a stamp issue by Canada Post Corporation in 1984. These originals are currently at the National Postal Museum. Lemieux painted present-day Canada, the one that developed to the present day from east to west covering the entire northern part of the continent, except Alaska. Totally apolitical too, the preface by Pierre Elliott Trudeau is therefore very indicative of the meaning to be given to this artist’s book. - Art Global by Marcel Dubbé."

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Jean-Paul Lemieux (1904 - 1990)

Book "Canada", 1985

  • Gallery

    Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal

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  • Time


  • Dimensions

    54 cm x 60.3 cm / 21 1/4" x 23 3/4"

  • Signed

    Original lithograph in colors on Arches paper

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