Départ des oiseaux

Léon Bellefleur was the first recipient of the Paul-Emile Borduas Prize in 1977.

In a painting, as in life, the marvellous is seen suddenly, like a spark, like a flash of lightning. The painter sometimes wants to do better, but he risks losing a lot along the way. Instead, we must try to maintain the state of wonder. Creation being absolutely spontaneous, the painter's work can only complete a painting that is already done - or ruin it! But, something else still is at stake in art, an extraordinary and fortunate thing, which happens, marvellous because it corresponds to our quest. I believe, in fact, that a painting must, in addition to its plastic qualities, have a presence, and use a worn term but which retains its full meaning: a soul" - translated from French

- Life of the arts Robert, G. (1987). Léon Bellefleur: around some words from the artist. Life of the Arts, 32(128), 30–35. according to an interview between the author and the artist and from notes taken between 1970 and 1977, Estuaire #6.

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Léon Bellefleur (1910 - 2007)

Départ des oiseaux, 1977

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Oil on canvas

  • Time

    Post-War Canadian art

  • Dimensions

    81,2 cm x 66 cm | 32'' x 26''

  • Dimensions with frame

    101 x 90 cm | 40'' x 35,5''

  • Signed

    Signed and dated 77 lower right

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