Untitled, Abstraction in blue, red, black and white

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1960s Quebec modern art was characterized by the extravagance and dynamism of pop art and op art movements. Unlike other modern artists of the time, Lise Gervais devotes herself to a different approach, more interior and sensitive. In Untitled, 1963, the touches of bold colors bloom on a pristine white background. This bloom of colors takes place under our eye with balance and softness in the movement.

Lise Gervais stands out with flying colors and the early 1960s marked the rise of her young career in her career.

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Lise Gervais (1933 - 1998)

Untitled, Abstraction in blue, red, black and white, 1963

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Oil on canvas

  • Time

    Post-War Canadian art

  • Dimensions

    Artwork's dimensions: 183 cm x 45,7 cm / 72'' x 18'' Dimension with frame: 185 x 49,5 cm / 73,5'' x 19,5''

  • Signed

    Signed and dated 63 lower right

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