Sailships in Gaspesie

Marc-Aurèle Fortin (1888 - 1970)

Sailships in Gaspesie , c. 1945

  • Gallery

    Galerie Cosner au Ritz-Carlton Montréal

  • Medium

    Mixed media

  • Time

    Canadian landscape painter

  • Dimensions

    Artwork dimension 28 x 16 cm / 11'' x 6 1/2'' Dimension with frame: 45,7 x 33 cm / 18'' x 13''

  • Signed

    Signed lower right

Sailboat in summer, Gaspésie.

Drawing by Marc-Aurele Fortin during his travels in Gaspésie. In the 1940s, very few painters, not even Rene Richard, had gone as far as the heart of Gaspésie to paint the landscapes of Percé with the exception of Lismer, Jackson and Fortin.

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