Untitled ( Roaster)

"And then, blaze and apotheosis, the series of roosters constitutes, at the turn of the seventies, the completion of the work of Paul Beaulieu. Everything that, with seriousness and over the years had been explored, transforms into an unleashing of colors and vitality. The rooster is the panache of creative virility. It marks the celebration of the happiness of being and of painting without further formality. Paul Beaulieu is sixty years old. He is in full possession means" - Leblond, J.-C. (1996). Paul Vanier Beaulieu: the pleasure of being / Mont Saint-Hilaire Art Museum 150, rue du Center Civic Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Life of the Arts, 40(163), 38–39

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Paul-Vanier Beaulieu (1910 - 1996)

Untitled ( Roaster) , 1969

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Pastel on paper

  • Time

    Post-War Canadian art

  • Dimensions

    29,2 x 21,5 cm / 11,5'' x 8,5''

  • Dimensions with frame

    50,8 x 40,6 cm / 20'' x 16''

  • Signed

    Signed lower left

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