George's River, Ungava

Ungava landscape with trappers and canoe by Rene Richard. The George River is a stream of the southeastern shore of Ungava Bay. This river runs northward in the administrative region of Northern Quebec. This 475-kilometer long river runs through Ungava Bay and the Labrador border. This river is named after the missionaries in honor of King George III, who granted them Labrador lands to their church in 1769.

A former trapper and frequent traveler, René Richard traveled extensively to northern and western Canada from 1912 to 1940. In the early 1940s, the artist settled in Baie-St-Paul and devoted himself to creation of works based on his travel sketches. In 1948 and 1951, the painter undertook two expeditions in the Far North of Quebec. These last ones allow him to renew his imagery of the Nordic regions.

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René Richard (1895 - 1982)

George's River, Ungava, c.1948-50

  • Gallery

    Cosner Art Gallery - Montreal

  • Medium

    Oil on panel

  • Time

    Canadian landscape painter

  • Dimensions

    43,2 cm x 43,2 cm / 17'' x 17''

  • Signed

    Signed lower right

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