Consignment of artworks

Sell your Canadian Art through the best located Art Galleries in Montreal

Consignment of artworks

The benefits of selling artwork on consignment through the Cosner Art Gallery

Unmatched visibility at Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton

Clients enjoy unmatched visibility when selling their artwork on consignment through the Cosner Gallery. The advantage lies in the gallery’s location on Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal, which has always been the most popular destination for collectors all over the country looking for the rare gem. Montreal's reputation for the quality of the Canadian art found there is established. What's more, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Montreal is, without question, a landmark in the Museum of Fine Arts neighborhood. The Cosner Art Gallery benefits from the signature of elegance and prestige that the Ritz-Carlton can offer. The consignment works in our gallery are highlighted and are seen by local, national and international visitors.

Experienced team that will bring you peace of mind

Good things come to those who wait. A long-lived collection of works of art must be presented and sold to the right customers. Selling through a gallery is thus the best option to find the right person and the right price. When you entrust a painting here, we give ourselves the mission of selling for you the painting at the best price possible on the market. The fixed price offered ensures you sell it with peace of mind without having to worry that it will be returned to you for lack of buyer on a specific date. Also, no hidden or additional charges for insurance, photographic or cataloging fees are required. 

Personalized and confidential service

Leaving goods that have been valuable to you or have been part of your family for several years is not necessarily easy to do. The latter takes charge of the sale with all the discretion and the confidentiality necessary in the best interests of the consignee. We oversee the sale of every artwork in all the discretion and the confidentiality necessary in the best interests of the consignee throughout the entire process.

If you are interested in our artwork consignment service, we invite you to contact us by email or the form below with details of the artwork to be sold:

- The picture

- The artist’s name and dimensions of the artwork

- Your contact details to get in touch with you and meet you at one of our galleries or at home 

The Cosner Art Gallery professionals ensure you personalized follow-up throughout the sales process. Contact our team by phone at 514 513-7717, by email at or via the information request below.

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