Artworks appraisal

Canadian artworks appraisals services for resale, insurances or probate

Artworks appraisal

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Cosner art dealer's team of consultants is at your service to guide you through the process of appraising your paintings or collectors’ works of art. Given our specialization in Canadian and Quebecois art and our extensive knowledge of many artistic currents, we are your trusted source for all your needs related to taking stock, cataloging and assessing a collection acquired throughout the years or inherited. Our areas of expertise go beyond the appraisal of paintings. Our appraisers can also determine the value of various objects of art as well as some antiquities.


Following the first consultation, the gallery evaluators will give you the total cost to appraise your artwork collection. The next step will be for the team to take the photos and inventory on-site methodically. Once the analytical work is completed at our art galleries in Montreal, our team will hand you a paper or digital copy of the evaluation certificate issued for each painting. The evaluation is based on several factors including the purpose of the evaluation, the artwork’s sales data and the material condition of the artwork. We have had collectors, heirs and several social Quebec headquarters put their trust in us to do the complex work of taking stock, cataloging and evaluating their art collections. Whether for estate, insurance or resale purposes, do not hesitate to ask our seasoned appraisers for expert advice.


If you are ready to have your artwork appraised, Galeries Cosner’s appraisers and Canadian art experts are available to travel to your location, free of engagement. You can also meet us at one of our locations. Please feel free to send us pictures, a description of the collection you wish to have appraised and its location. Our specialists will then be able to guide you toward the steps to follow to complete the appraisal process and take stock of your paintings and objects of art.

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